Dangerous lockdown biker swerves past ambulance during police pursuit

A reckless rider who narrowly missed smashing into an ambulance as he tore up the streets of Birmingham is behind bars after being caught in a stinger trap.

Police camera footage showed Sameer Khan, 23, of Orpwood Road, Stechford, fleeing at up to 60 miles per hour along residential roads before being cornered by dogs as he tried to hide in a shed.

Khan had initially failed to stop for officers in Stechford on March 25, with video released by West Midlands Police showing him race against traffic and going the wrong way at a roundabout.

He was tracked by officers until his tyres were blown out, forcing him to take off on foot, where helicopter tracking cameras followed his movements.

Dangerous lockdown biker swerves past ambulance

A police dog trapped him behind a shed and he was arrested.

Khan later admitted dangerous driving, failing to stop, having no insurance and breach of a criminal behaviour order at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

He was last week jailed for 20 months and will also be banned from driving for four years and 10 months following his release.

Sergeant Mitch Darby, said: ‘Reckless riding puts lives at risk and it was just fortunate no-one was seriously injured.’

West Midlands police has seized more than 140 bikes during lockdown as it targets reckless and illegal bikers.